Man On Ledge

Julian likes pushing words around. He started this blog after being made redundant from a newspaper where he had worked for 27 years. He used to edit other people’s words, write his own words, design pages, and do lots of other things. Now he sits at home and tries to sort out a different life. Oh, and he also write novels (two published). And Man On Ledge? Well, he liked the sound of that and it summed up what it feels like to be without a job.


4 thoughts on “Man On Ledge

  1. I’ve been reading your blogs regularly for the best part of the two years you have been writing them. Almost every day I have the same reaction: “That’s just what I was thinking too” – but beautifully expressed. Given that I too am a long established Guardian/Observer reader that may not be so surprising, but, for once, I did want to say thank you for putting our views in public the way you do.


    1. Hello Bob
      Thank you for your kind thoughts on my blog and it is cheering to learn that you are part of that hardy band of readers. I enjoy writing the blogs, and it is especially nice when they are appreciated…


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